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One of the major principles of our philosophy at ZB Forex is to provide our clients with a wide variety of trading options. Commodities are one of those options that we offer. When you consider that they make up the basic materials of any industry (you can trade and invest in Gold, Oil, Silver and more), it would only make sense that they be a basic component of our trading products.

Why Trade in Commodities?

Commodities are defined as something of use or value. They are anything from heating oil and natural gas, to soybeans and orange juice. Every industry uses commodities to provide a product or service. Therefore, when demand in those industries increases, the commodity’s demand increases as well. Take Gold for example: When the financial markets collapsed in 2008, worried investors flocked to Gold as a financial safe haven, and the price reached unprecedented heights. Trading in commodities not only gives you an opportunity to take advantage of certain financial climates, it provides you with a way to diversify your portfolio and hedge your investments.

Live Prices

CFD trading is delivered using live prices and without the delays of normal stock trading. For example if you wish to buy a commodity such as Crude Oil you would typically need to wait for the quote. Trading CFDs of these assets provides you with a distinct advantage when trading with live prices.