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White Label

Private label solution

MetaTrader 4 is the most popular retail forex platform in the world. Brokers in the forex industry must offer MT4 to reach the broadest pool of prospective traders. With MT4 being a globally-offered trading platform in multiple languages, clients are easily portable from one broker to another. A trader can open an account with any other broker offering MT4 without having to learn a new trading platform or re-program his trading scripts and robots (referred to as Expert Advisors, or EA's).

The problem:

Buying a MetaTrader 4 Server is expensive. It's not just the license itself; there are monthly support fees, physical hardware costs, costs of recruiting and hiring qualified server administrators, data center charges, and more. Not only that, but learning the MetaTrader 4 system in-and-out from a back-office perspective will take multiple days of training and further months of work before your staff becomes experts. Finally, if the broker wishes to use a bridge or other STP solution for offsetting trades, a contract must be negotiated and put in place with the bridge developer, and then a time-consuming implementation will need to take place between the servers.

The solution:

MT4 Private Label from ZBFOREX.COM. We will save you time and money, and we will increase your return on equity.


The ZBFOREX.COM MT4 Private Label is more than an MT4 "White Label." Besides simply having your logos on an MT4 Client Terminal, you also can leverage ZB FOREX.COM's expertise in the following ways:


  • Extensive experience working with Meta Quotes support on new implementations and customized solutions.
  • Prime Brokerage relationships around the globe.
  • Compliance/regulation referrals to lawyers and regulatory issues.

Benefits Becoming ZBFOREX.COM Team Member

  • 1- Branded Website
  • 2. Branded MT4 Platform
  • 3. Multiple Payment Solutions
  • 4. Price & Liquidity Feeds
  • 5. Back-office operations

The MetaTrader 4 system is an important tool for retail FX brokerages looking to reach the largest audience possible, but purchasing an MT4 may not be fiscally or operationally appropriate for your business. The ZBFOREX.COM MT4 Private Label offering will save you time, money, and increase your return on equity. Contact us to learn more about why the Private Label solution may be more appropriate for your business.